Pretty Lights Nouveau Maxi


J’ai découvert Pretty Lights, il y a quelques mois (merci Baz !). Derrière ce nom se cache Derek Vincent Smith.

Spilling Over Every Side est une fois de plus un maxi hétéroclite où la musique électronique excelle et se mélange dans différents courants et influences.

Bref comme je suis une grosse feignasse, je vous colle le texte de Derek qui accompagne le maxi :

So this is the 2nd EP of my 2010 trilogy.  Its called « Spilling Over Every Side »  I created it pretty much everywhere, as a majority of the production took place while I was touring over the last 4 months.
It isn’t a new concept for me, touring and working on an album simultaneously.. but this time around it was pretty intense, there wasn’t much time for anything else.
I really tried to push my style with this EP and explore several different genres, sometimes within the same song.  The songs are long and there are a lot of parts… I guess, because thats what I want to hear… fresh, intricate, beats that attempt to communicate ideas or tell a story somehow.
Another idea I implemented on this EP more than once, is the transitioning between something pretty and organic to something heavy and electro.  A sort of dimension flip.. something I’ve done in the past.. but I really tried to push it with these tracks.
Anyway, I hope you like it, I do.
-Derek Vincent Smith

Ne vous faîtes pas prier pour le télécharger : c’est une nouvelle fois gratuit et les .mp3 sont en 320Kbits/s.


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